How do I add a new bank account?

To add a bank account after you have received your loan, visit your dashboard and select the “Add Bank Account” option located on the bottom of the page under “Bank Accounts.”

There are three ways to add and then verify a new bank account:


  1. Bank Login - This method allows you to use your bank login information to instantly verify your bank account

  2. Voided Check - This method allows you to upload an image of a voided check and is verified within one business day.

  3. Small Deposits - This method allows you to provide your account and routing information so that two small deposits can be made into your bank account. Upstart will deposit two small deposits into your bank account. 


Once you receive these deposits you would then need to log into your Upstart account to verify them. This option takes 2-3 business days to verify your account.


Once your bank account has been verified and added, if you wish to use this account for recurring automatic monthly payments please see here.


A linked account must be a personal bank account in your name. Business accounts will not be accepted.

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