How do I verify my reported education?

If you have completed a degree, the following documents will be acceptable: 

  • Diploma with all the corners and edges showing, the seal of the school, and the signatures. The date, degree program (i.e. Bachelor’s, Associate’s, Certificate, etc.) and school should also be clearly visible. A pocket diploma is okay to use as long as it has all the verifiable information.

  • Degrees obtained in the U.S. must be obtained from an accredited institution.

  • Official or Unofficial Transcript with the awarded date, your name, the school's name, and the degree program.

If your degree is in progress:

  • A Screenshot of your Student Portal. It must include your name, the school's name, and your current classes/standing with the school, and the program you are enrolled in.

  • Unofficial Transcript which must have: your name, the school's name, the degree program, area of study, and enrollment dates.

  • Letter from Registrar's Office: must include your name, school’s name, degree program and enrollment dates

Please note that Upstart constitutes a degree that is still in-progress as currently enrolled or past/future enrollment within a 6 month period. If your degree is in progress but you have not been enrolled in the previous 6 months and are not currently enrolled in the next 6 months, we will be unable to verify what you have reported. 

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